A Game Provides a Hint at Balance

Self-help books have been available on the market for years. People who find themselves asking “Where is my life going?” will be able to find books where they can get the answers. Books are found about finding happiness, finding God, obtaining intimacy within a marriage, changing one’s lifestyle or physical environment, and more.

The problem with the self-help books is that they focus on only one category. Additionally, people may not be aware of what category the focus should be on.

The Abundance Life Wheel is a game that can be played online. It looks like a spinning pinwheel with 14 categories, each acting as a blade of the wheel. A person goes through and self-assesses the level of abundance and happiness they have within each category on a scale of 1 to 10. From there, the wheel will calculate and show the levels.

Abundance Life Wheel Game

A person then chooses the wind speed, which is defined as the effort that a person puts into life. The more effort a person puts into being happy and making changes for the better, the faster the wheel spins.

An assessment is provided and a score is given within each of the categories. Within each category, a summary is given that provides questions for a person to think about. In the Lifestyle category, a question could be “What can you do this week that will raise your score?” How a person’s energy is spent is analyzed.

“The purpose of the abundance life wheel is to help people achieve balance. No one can achieve balance unless they know where they’re at right now,” explains Scott Epp, the founder of the Life Abundance Wheel Game. “Coaching is available to help a person improve their life and this game simply shows a person where they need to put in the extra efforts.”


The game helps to tell people whether they are winning or losing at life. Everyone wants to be winning because it results in a higher level of happiness. This game provides tips and tricks as to what to do in the areas with the lowest scores in order to achieve a better balance.

The game is free to play. People can sign up with their email or through their Facebook profile. A copy of the results are then sent by email upon finishing the game. Epp also suggests playing the game monthly to track results.

Start winning your game of life! Play your Abundance Life Wheel today by going to:

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