Are You Winning or Losing the Game of Life

Play your Wheel of Life Wheel!How do you win at life?
Life is a precious gift. It was a blessing from God that we, as human beings, are lucky to be engaging in. But life is also like a game. Every day you’re presented with choices and opportunities, just like in a game, and you have the opportunity to make any of the choices and actions that you want to make. You can play the game defensively. You can play the game offensively. You can do your best to win the game and you can do your least and lose the game.

What Does Winning or Losing the Game of Life Mean?
Before you can win or lose at the game of life, you need to discover what it means for you to win. These are your goals, your hopes, your dreams, your values, and your happiness. The person you hope to be and the way you hope to feel are your end goals. Everything you do, then, is designed to help you reach those end goals. The closer to get ,the more you’re winning. The further you get, the more you’re losing.

Playing the Abundance Life Wheel Game
It is with that in mind that it’s time for you to play the Abundance Life Wheel Game. This game is designed to show you if you are winning or losing the game of life. Many people come to me asking me all types of questions such as:

•    How can I change my life?
•    How do I get unstuck?
•    How can I tell if I’m on the right path?

All of these are questions that can be answered by playing the Abundance Life Wheel Game and discovering if you are winning or losing the game of life. The game breaks your life into its 14 core categories. These categories are:
•    Health and Wellness
•    Travel and Vacation
•    Family
•    Personal Development
•    Giving Back
•    Finances and Money
•    Friends and Relationships
•    Lifestyle
•    Career and Business
•    Fun and Adventure
•    Physical Environment
•    God and Spiritual
•    Marriage and Intimacy

By scoring each of these categories, you can see where you currently are in life. Each of these categories make up the human experience, and the data that comes from these core categories are vital for you to figure out where you are in life.

Using these categories, you can start to discover not only where you are in the game of life – you can start to discover whether or not you have life balance, and why you do what you do. To win at the game of life, you not only need to be finding abundance in the core areas of your life – you also need to have a successful balance, and find balance any way you can. Many of you have heard of the idea of a “work/life balance.” A work life balance is a great example of how you achieve happiness. Your goal is to have life working for you instead of you always working for life, and this game will help you acknowledge and learn about where you’re lacking balance and how to achieve it.

You’ll also need momentum. Momentum is how you move forward. Thing about playing a video game. You need to keep moving forward as you try to reach the final stages. If you stop and wait, you won’t be able to beat the game. Gaining momentum requires you to find balance and improve on each individual category of your life.

Secrets for Winning the Game of Life
The Abundance Life Wheel game is an outstanding tool for discovering whether you’re winning or losing the game of life and moving forward. Play the game, and see where you stand in terms of the overall quality of your life. Once you’ve analyzed yourself, you’ll be able to initiate strategies that allow you to move forward. Here are some of the secrets towards using the game and winning or losing the game of life:

•    Building Overflow – You may have areas of your life that are thriving, and areas of your life that are lacking. One of the secrets to winning the game of life is to build overflow – to leverage what you have and turn it into something more. For example, if you are close to abundance in family but lacking in vacations, perhaps there is a way to use that abundance to develop greater fulfillment from your travel and vacations.
•    Discover Yourself Early and Often – Simply playing this Abundance Life Wheel Game as soon as you can is another secret to developing abundance. You learn why you do what you do, and you move forward toward understanding yourself, your values, and ensuring that you really are on the right path.
•    Gain Momentum – Once you’ve started building life balance, your goal is to gain momentum. You find balance in all of the areas of your life and let them start to wash over you as you focus on what matters and reach your most important goals.
•    Develop Areas of Trouble – Once you’ve played the Abundance Life Wheel game and you see where you are in life, you’ll also be able to see your problem areas and do what it takes to improve upon them one at a time. This can be very powerful. When you find that your life is lacking in one area and you focus on it, you’ll be able to grow as a person, and that growth will develop your abundance and happiness in other areas as well.
•    Accountability – We each have developed our own habits – habits of scarcity that cause us to fall short of the energy to reach our goals. Accountability is the key to ensuring that we do what needs to be done to turn our lives around. When you are accountable to someone, you know in the back of your mind that you have a responsibility to yourself and to them to work towards making your life better.

Take the First Step – Start the Abundance in Life Game
At Abundance Coaching, we have developed this thorough game to help you begin on your path towards achieving abundance. That’s why you need to play the game today. Creating abundance in your life is legitimately possible, but it’s only possible if you are also able and willing to take the next steps. This game will help you discover whether you are winning or losing the game of life, and start you off in the right direction towards achieving complete fulfillment. You can play your wheel of life game to find out how to win at your game of life! You have nothing to lose. Play the free Abundance Life Wheel game today by going to:

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