Determining the Wind Speed of Your Life

The Abundance Life Wheel is a free tool available online that allow individuals to assess themselves in 14 categories. The wheel will then spin based upon the ‘wind speed’. Wind speed is defined as the amount of energy that one puts into life.

Having an Abundance By Playing Life Wheel Game:

The only way for a person to determine wind speed is to spin the wheel and take the quiz. Each of the 14 categories act as blades on a pinwheel. A person self-assesses on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 feeling fulfilled and having an abundance. The categories include health and wellness, travel and vacation, finances and money, fun and adventure, marriage and intimacy, and more.

The faster the wheel spins, the more wind speed a person has. This is determined by the individual when looking at the wheel of life. If all of the blades are almost completely full, having selected 10 or close to that number, the wheel is going to spin properly because there is balance. If there are areas that are low, it shows a person where they need to work in order to achieve a work-family balance.

Life Wheel

“Many people are working and doing things and not assessing themselves. If you want to know how to change your life, it starts here,” comments Scott Epp, creator of the Abundance Life Wheel Game. “This is a great game to play and it allows people to see where they need to make improvements.”

Epp explains that once people identify the categories where they need to improve, they can force these areas into their conscious instead of lingering in the subconscious. By forcing these to the forefront of the mind, they can be a larger focus.

The life wheel is found online and can be taken by anyone. People have the chance to take the assessment and make comparisons to where they are to other people. After playing the game, a report is sent to the person’s email and lists the score in all 14 categories. From there, Epp suggests that people play the game once a month to see if areas are improving or slipping to make adjustments regarding the thought process. Each category lists how to increase abundance and provides tips on what to think about and questions to ask one’s self.

Start winning your game of life! Play your Abundance Life Wheel today by going to:

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