How the Life Wheel helps you Navigate Change

The abundance life wheel is a breakthrough tool in life coaching methodology. If you have been waiting for a certain change to happen in your life, then this is the right time for it. You know you want change, but you don’t know exactly how and where. The abundance life wheel will tell you where your life needs the most change.

Most of us classify life in just two categories: work and family. But fulfillment in life can actually be gained by many other things. Many people today ask, “why am I so stressed”, but they are unable to answer it because they don’t know what kind of fulfillment they are lacking.

I feel stressed
“Am I stressed?”, “How stressed am I?”With the busy work scenarios, it is common for employees to be stressed. If you are an HR manager, you would have noticed that motivation significantly goes down when employees are tensed. What they need is a major change. But since they all come from different backgrounds, one change will not work for all. This is why abundant life wheel is an excellent tool for HR managers.

Abundance life wheel as a team activity
The abundance life wheel gives different results for different people. Based on your level of abundance and fulfillment, this wheel will tell you where you need change in your life. It is a fun activity that is made in the form of a windmill that shows how much effort and energy you need to bring about a change. If an employee is already in a happy and content state, they would need the minimum push in the right direction and will yield great results. But if an employee is low on abundance, you would need to push them further and provide extra motivation so that they can perform better.

How can it benefit employees?
It helps employees understand exactly where a change is needed in their life. Sometimes employees are less motivated, but office environment doesn’t have to be the reason for that. Maybe they are having personal or financial problems. Maybe they are depressed and they don’t know why. This wheel includes 14 categories of fulfillment, and if one category is lacking severely, then the employee will feel pulled in one direction. With the abundance life wheel, they can know where they are lacking, and take charge of their life once again.

For example, did you know travel and vacation is also an important fulfillment category? Many employees don’t realize that and thus don’t ever go out on vacations. This might be the reason why they feel dissatisfied and unhappy. As an HR manager, if you find out that a major number of your employees are lacking in travel and vacation, you can arrange a weekend trip for them. This will fill them with energy and they’ll be energized and motivated to perform better.

It doesn’t always have to be expensive. If most employees are feeling dissatisfied from the family side, you can arrange a family day when each employee comes with their families and they can have fun together. This way they can bond with their families more and thus be more productive. Similarly if they are lacking fun and adventure, you can keep a day for fun activities in the office. Arrange a lecture on spirituality if that’s what they are short on.

So basically it is about knowing WHERE exactly the change is needed. You see that your employee motivation is going down. You need to change that, but you don’t know what to change. The abundance life wheel will tell you that. And it is fun to play with, so it is a great team activity.

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