How to deal with stress

Stress has been called a real epidemic and with good reason: many people today could name it the central issue in their lives. Stress leads to many negative consequences for our physical and mental health, ranging from headaches to increased chances for depression. Stress is also linked to about 60% of all ailments and is the cause of 2/3 of doctor’s visits. Stress can cause strokes, heart disease and many other problems that have a serious effect on the life on any individual.

Still, stress is present in life. It can be unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be a problem. It’s possible to learn how to manage stress and how to deal with stress under different circumstances and in different areas of your life.

When my stress caused me to get shingles

I was stressed and anxious about my life and my new career. I wasn’t living to my full potential with my coaching business and I had only been working part time hours at a computer store. The bills were coming in faster than I was making money and I was avoiding marketing myself because I didn’t believe in myself and how I really could go out and make a massive difference in people’s lives. I was capable of so much more than I was manifesting and it was showing in how I treated my wife, what I thought about, how I acted, how I strived, how I projected my stories out into the world and more. To add to this my wife was about to have our second child Nehemiah. I was very excited about Nehemiah coming into the world but the reality was that I was ‘STRESSED out’ and I was doing everything that I could to just cope. I was happy that I was a dad again but the added financial burden plus the low esteem and mindset that I had and the negative stories that I was telling myself all shot up at once.

Only a few days after my second son Nehemiah was born I started feeling massive pains in my right chest area. Then in the next days I felt sharp piercing pains in my neck and back. I would get such bad pains that they would shock me like a jellyfish and literally knock me down to the floor writhing in pain. It got worse when the blisters appeared all on my right side of my chest, neck and back. The doctor asked me the clinical questions but deep down I knew that there should be no reason why a 33 year old healthy man should be getting shingles. It was stress and it had manifested itself out into my body in the form of shingles. To make things worse I gave my (then 18 month old son Josiah) chicken pox and we had to be quarantined to my basement – which took me off work and helping my wife and watching my newborn son for almost a week. Hey, I got better but the lessons that I learnt are still etched in my memory. If you don’t deal with stress it will manifest itself in your body and life and affect you dearly.

Maybe you feel stress and you have asked yourself ‘How can I change my life!’

Well, sometimes, stress can seem to permeate different aspects of our lives. Other times, there is just something that doesn’t feel right, like the way our career is going, but other aspects seem to be better. However, even if it’s only in one aspect of our lives, stress can have serious consequences and keep us from reaching our full potential.

We can achieve self-realization and abundance in every area of our lives – we can have strong relationships, a flourishing career and so on, however, stress can bring us down and keep us down unless it’s managed properly. It can take a toll on our energy, our self-confidence and other important resources we have to feel that we can reach abundance.

So, the first thing to do is to see which aspect or aspects of our lives are giving us trouble. In order to reach abundance, it is important to have a good balance of all the different things we need to be happy.

So are there any Stress Relief games out there?

Well I haven’t found any officially endorsed stress relief games. I do feel that playing games can be one of the best stress relief strategies. Whether getting on a sports team, playing a board game with your spouse or making up a new game with your friends you will find stress relief with playing games. The Abundance Life Wheel can help you see which aspects of your life are out of balance, which are really low and which are good, but not as well as they could be. The Wheel offers an easy way of examining your life and seeing where the problem is. It’s a fun game among other stress relieving games that can actually help you take a first step to fixing the problem and not just forgetting about it for a while.

For instance, you might see that you’re doing pretty well on the Family aspect, but that your career is not as abundant as it could be. Or you might see that, while you would rate your friendships and lifestyle as a 9, but see that your spirituality and your physical environment are closer to 2 or 3. This is something that can be fixed, as there are practical ways of managing stress and achieving abundance in different areas of one’s life.

What are some strategies to Manage Anxiety and Stress?

There are different strategies that can be undertaken depending on which area or areas of your life you would like to improve. Different stress management strategies can be stepping stones for you to start a much bigger change in your life, as they will allow you to be more productive, more satisfied, full of energy and ready to take on new challenges. So here are some strategies that can be used to manage stress in different areas of your life.

  • Meditation

Meditation is a very useful practice with scientifically proven benefits for physical and psychological health. It can counteract the negative effects stress might have on a person’s health and offers many benefits. It can let you relax and rest your whole body, slow down the aging process and boost your mind and productivity. It is also a practice which you can start rather easily and that is likely to benefit you in many aspects of your life.

  • Acts of kindness

Showing kindness to others, whether it is through volunteering or through simply helping  a stranger on the stress can do a lot to enhance your life. Helping others can be a good way to experience more positive emotions and to connect more with your spirituality. It has positive effects on your health and can help you build stronger and better relationships in your life, as well as develop more self-confidence.

  • Gratitude practices

Another good strategy to manage stress is to cultivate gratitude. Gratitude also has scientifically proven benefits for your physical and mental health. It is also another strategy that can help you improve your relationships and develop a more positive outlook on life, counteracting the effects of stress. There are different ways to cultivate gratitude. You can do it by keeping a regular gratitude journal, by writing letters that express your feelings of gratitude towards other people, whether you choose to share them with the recipients or not, and try other things that feel good to you.

  • Time management skills

Sometimes, the stress we experience is related to problems with organization. If we struggle to meet deadlines or to keep up with our appointments, that adds to our stress. However, you can improve the situation by improving your organization and finding the strategies that work best for you and that will allow you to be productive and reach your full potential.

These are just some examples of a wide variety of strategies and skills that can help you effectively manage your stress and anxiety in everyday life, helping you live a more abundant life.

Let’s deal with stress in your life and get you moving to the next levels in your abundance!

The Abundance Life Wheel can give you a general idea of where is the stress that is affecting your life coming from and where it is affecting you the most. It’s a first step towards a change in your life.

Sometimes, however, just identifying the problem is not enough. A change can seem like an intimidating experience or it might seem to big to take on. In that case, the best thing we can do is look for someone who can help us reach our potential, solve our problems and work to find abundance in our own life. A professional coach can do just that, so if the Abundance Life Wheel has given you the idea for a change, you can always reach out and see the opportunities for a change that can happen in your life.

Play your Abundance Life Wheel Game

You can play your Abundance Life Wheel game by going to This game will help you by giving you a snapshot picture of where you are at in your life. Then you will be able to clearly see where the scarcity and abundance is. Your results will show you where you are out of balance and where you could gain momentum in your life. You can overcome your challenges with stre3ss and life can be vastly different than the way it is right now. If you’re keen to play your Abundance Life Wheel game then I am game to give you a 25-45 minute Life Purpose Strategy and Breakthrough session. We can talk about where you’re at, I will give you an assessment based on your Abundance Life Wheel results and you well get more clarity and breakthroughs than you may have experienced ever! Just play your game and then schedule your free 25-45 minute Life Purpose Strategy and Breakthrough session by going to

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