The Abundance Life Wheel Demonstrates Momentum

Many people want to know how to obtain momentum within their lives. Scott Epp developed the Life Abundance Wheel Game as a way of coaching people to win at life. He feels the goal is to achieve overflow and abundance from the life that a person desires.

The game can be played online for free. After that, a report is given to explain the scores within 14 categories. A complimentary coaching session is also provided by an abundance coach.

The game’s intention is to demonstrate momentum and show how a person’s life is going. People may feel stuck and not know if they are on the right path. The wheel can show the areas where a person is stuck and then provide ways to improve the momentum.

Life Wheel

The 14 categories are targeted at all areas of life. Categories include health and wellness, travel and vacation, personal development, giving back, God and spiritual, and more. A person plays the game by self-assessing across the categories on a scale of 1 to 10. After that, the wheel begins spinning to show the level of work-life balance amongst other things.

Some people are able to take the results of the game and know what they need to do. They can force certain focuses into their conscious and make it a priority to work on. Others will need specific coaching and that is what Abundance Life Wheel can offer.

The Wheel of Life template is basic. It covers the fundamental areas of one’s life. The game is simple to play and identifies the areas of improvement. The company prides themselves on how well the game is set-up and thousands of people have already played in order to identify areas of strength and weakness.

The personalized report that one gains from playing the game is emailed. This allows a person to take a closer look at how to improve momentum. Epp recommends playing the game once a month to see where improvements have been made. This allows a person to stay in control of their life and find the right path as well as inner peace.

Epp also provides a variety of coaching videos on YouTube that he suggests people view upon playing the game. These provide guidance on the conscious and the subconscious as well as guiding a person through the areas of life where they seek the most improvement.

Start winning your game of life! Play your Abundance Life Wheel today by going to:


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